Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation

Product:  Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation.  This is an okay tinted moisturizer for users with dry skin.  It is not a foundation.

Overall Rating = 2+ stars2.75 Stars – Just Okay to Good.

Cost: $1.00 (1 fl. oz.) ($1 per fluid ounce)  Price Category: Dirt Cheap

Sold By:  Dollar Tree

Container:  Plastic squeeze tube, twist-off cap, blister package.

Description:  Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation is marketed as a foundation.  I beg to differ.  This offers nothing in the way of coverage.  I think it should be sold as a tinted moisturizer.

Formula:  Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation is a light weight, water-based liquid foundation.  The formula provides almost no coverage and dries to a dewy finish.  This is moisturizing and is best for users with dry skin.  The formula is free from mineral oil and parabens.  It contains no SPF so you will need to wear a sunscreen under this for sun protection.

Sensitivity:  Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation is fragrance free and is suitable for those with sensitive skin.  It did not break me out, make my nose run, eyes burn or otherwise cause any allergic reactions.

Company Claims:

On the product package:  None.  To Use:  Apply and blend with fingertips.

On the website:  Hide spots, freckles, and blemishes with easy to apply liquid foundation. Cover and even out skin tone for a flawless-looking, soft natural finish. Plus, it can be easily tucked away in small purses, cosmetic organizers, and make-up bags.

Discussion:  This is my first experience with a foundation from a dollar store.  While I’m open to trying inexpensive eye shadows or nail polishes, when it comes to foundation, I believe that anything that is going to stay on your skin for several hours should have good skin care properties.  I looked at every foundation for sale at Dollar Tree and selected this one because it had the best ingredients and was fragrance free.  I bought this strictly to have a wide range of products in all price ranges for review purposes.  I expected to tell you how awful this stuff is, use it once, and toss it.  I was pleasantly surprised that was not my reaction.

This is amusing to me.  Yesterday I reviewed a product that was called a tinted moisturizer that turned out to be a drying foundation.  Today I’m reviewing a foundation that turned out to be a tinted moisturizer.  What is going on with these manufacturers?  Their mislabeling of products is really confusing to their consumers.  Don’t these companies get any feedback from makeup professionals before they sell this stuff?  If not, why not?

Colors:  Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation comes in three colors:  Light (a light neutral ivory), Medium (a warm medium), and Dark (a warm medium dark).  The Tan is no longer available.  Surprisingly, these three colors will work for most people because the formula is so thin.  You could easily mix two colors if you wanted to.  The Light is exactly the same color as my ivory-toned fair skin.  This was a big shock to me.  Usually, when a product only comes in a few colors, the Light is way too dark for me.  The Light appeared to be pinker than my skin in the tube, but once it was applied, it was a perfect match.

Morning Review:  After cleansing, I applied Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation.  On one side of my face I applied it to bare skin.  On the other side I applied it over primer.  Frankly, it did not make much difference.  The side without primer did not look or feel any different than the side with primer.  This foundation has a tacky finish.  It took about five minutes for it to be fully absorbed into my skin.  Once absorbed, it was basically undetectable on my skin.  It offers very little to nothing in the way of coverage.  I tried applying it with my fingers, a brush and a sponge.  It went on the best with a brush.  It did not work at all with the sponge.  The formula is so thin the sponge just kept absorbing it.

Helpful Tips/Tricks:

  • To avoid squeezing out too much product, simply hold the tube with the nozzle pointing upward, not downward.
  • Apply with a foundation brush for a light smooth finish.
  • Pat on, don’t rub, with fingers for heavier coverage.

Evening Review:  Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation did not stay on well at all.  It pretty much faded away after a few hours.  It washed off easily with just plain water.

Overall Review:  Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation is NOT a foundation and should not be called such.  It is a tinted moisturizer that should only be used by those with dry skin.


  • Fragrance-free formula
  • Very Inexpensive


  • Does not offer any actual coverage
  • Hydrating formula is not suited to oily skin
  • Takes several minutes to be absorbed
  • No water resistance

Suitability:  Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation is suitable for the following users:

  • Those with dry skin
  • Those who don’t need coverage
  • Those who like a very light weight feeling product on their skin

This would be a very good makeup to give to a young girl who is just beginning to wear makeup for her to practice with.  I could also use this to teach with for demonstrations or classrooms when I don’t want to waste expensive products.


Morning Rating = 2 stars2 Stars;

Evening Rating = 2 stars2 Stars;

Average from Other Testers = 2 stars2 Stars;

Value Rating = 5 stars5 Stars;

Overall Rating = 2+ stars2.75 Stars = Just Okay to Good.

Would Buy Again?  No.  (Not even for $1.00, how sad.)

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Sassy Chic Moisturizing FoundationSassy Chic Moisturizing FoundationSassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation

Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation Light Swatch

Sassy Chic Moisturizing Foundation Light Swatch

Ingredients:  Water, Ethyl-Hexyl Palmitate, Glycerin, Glyceryl Isostearate, Magnesium Sulfate, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Dimethicone, Methylisothiazolinone.

Important:  Please read our full Disclaimer before using this or any product.