One Bad Apple

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Everyone loves this website and the in-depth, unbiased reviews. People who read the posts have positive comments. The information is valuable and useful. There are no annoying ads, popups or anything listed for sale.

What happened? Why didn’t we continue reviewing products when 100% of the feedback was positive? Other people cannot believe we don’t want their money and will not sell advertising space or take payments for reviewing or promoting their products. How can you remain unbiased if you’re going to do that? Other people keep trying to hijack the site by posting spam and selling their ridiculous products, services, porn and dating sites in the comments sections. We stopped posting when it got so bad that we were getting dozens of messages and posts per day, and we still do. (100+)

It is really a shame. The owner of this site wants to provide a public service by sharing her extensive expertise with people. She doesn’t ask for anything in return. The internet has turned into a playground for scammers, spammers and frankly disgusting individuals.

We’re sorry that the bad apples ruined it for everyone. We will still post occasionally, but we have been forced to remove the ability to leave comments and contact forms due to the people who want to use them to post porn and sell their own services, which we will never allow. We are still happy to provide advice and answer your questions, but you’ll have to send us an email now if you need assistance.

If we can figure out how to get rid of the bad apples that are causing the disease, we’ll resume posting regularly. We have considered starting a public page where we will post all of their email addresses so all of you can spam them to death, but it would be a very long list!

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

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